Integrated 4 Transceivers Flex Dual 50W Power Supply Case ABP-ITPC-4FLEX-MX-250

The ABP ITPC-4FLEX-MX-250 Integrated 4 Transceivers Flex Power Supply Case is a complete uninterruptible power, voice and data system mounted in a small watertight transportable case. The unique dual 50 watt 30-512 MHz amplified FLEXIBLE design allows the user to operate any two AN/PRC-117F, AN/PRC-117G, AN/PRC-150, AN/PRC-158, AN/PRC-160, AN/PSC-5D type transceivers and any two AN/PRC-148, AN/PRC-152 or AN/PRC-163 type radios. The transceivers are securely mounted on a Jerk-And-Run mount inside the case. The ITPC saves many BA 5590/U batteries and pays for itself after only one month of operation. The system operates from any AC power source world wide (85 270 VAC / 47 440 Hz including AC generator, local power grid and aircraft power) or 9 36V DC power source to include HMMWV, military & commercial vehicles, boat and aircraft. Two power units supply an uninterruptible power to the transceivers while charging the 2 internal rechargeable backup batteries that automatically powers the 2 transceivers during an AC or DC power failure. Each 24V/2AH (or 26.5V/2.4AH) internal battery pack is a modular, removable, high density, rechargeable battery. A second 24V/2AH battery pack (optional) can be dropped into each widebody (TPU) unit to double its battery operating time. Three Night Vision Goggles (NVG) compatible test indicator lights indicate the operating status of the unit and a fully charged battery.

An optional 6-Net High Efficiency Amplified Speaker is used for local or remote operation of up to 6 transceivers. Standard military handset/headset, H-250/U or similar type (G.F.E.) can be connected to the Amplified Speaker. A special Automatic Level Control (ALC) circuit at the audio inputs insures constant audio level at the speaker regardless to the level of the received audio from the transceiver/encryption unit. A 5 Watts of clear, crisp audio overcomes noisy environment and provides the user with consistent audio clarity. The Reversible Data/Accessory connector option (optional) allows interface with the Data/Accessory connector on the AN/PRC-117F and AN/PRC-150 type radios.

Including Uninterruptible Power Supplies, 24V/2AH or 26.5V/2.4AH Rechargeable Batteries, AC and DC Cables and one Operation/Maintenance manual.

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