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ABP products can be ordered through 

  • GSA contract number: 47QSWA20D008R (SIN 335999)  
  • The DLA’s Tailored Logistics Program (TLS)
  • Through various DLA IDIQ contracts and DLA RFQs for products with NSNs
  • ABP also accepts VISA and MASTER CARD government and EFT payments
  • See table below with ABP NSN Numbers

Order ABP Products Through DLA TLS Program

All ABP products can conveniently be purchased by US Military and other Government Agency customers through the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Tailored Logistics “Special Operations Equipment” Support Program (TLSP) using the MIPR/MILSTRIP processes.

Through this program, multiple vendors are solicited for prices, so Government customers benefit from a competitive business model. 

Sign up to use this program at:  

Special Operational Equipment (SOE) Ordering Process

For more information, contact:

For registration or order form questions, contact:

Ordering Information for GSA Contract Number: 47QSWA20D008R (SIN 335999)

Use one of the following methods to place an order:

  • Use GSA Contract Number 47QSWA20D008R (SIN 335999).
  • Place order on GSA Advantage web site.
  • Submit RFQs through GSA eBuy
  • Contact Automated Business Power Sales Department. Telephone: 301-977-5570. Fax: 301-977-5210. E-mail:

Use a Standard Form 344 for your order. Fax or mail it to:

GSA/FSS General Products Center
Customer Assistance Branch
819 Taylor Street
Forth Worth, TX 76102
Telephone: (817) 978-2051
Fax: (817) 978-2605

ABP EFT Payment Instructions:

For ABP EFT Payment Instructions email or call 301-977-5570

Contact Us

To Place An Order By NSN

Contact Automated Business Power Sales Department:

Telephone: (301) 977-5570
Fax: (301) 977-5210


Contact Information for US Military and Government Customers:

US Government and Commercial Customers:
Miguel Saenz
ABP Headquarters
Telephone: 301-977-5570
Fax: 301-977-5210

Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard Western USA West of the Mississippi, Pacific, and Asia:
Jerry Hartsock
Sales & Technical Representative
Cell: 910-527-2373
Fax: 301-977-5210

US Air Force Worldwide:
Jerry Hartsock
Sales & Technical Representative
Cell: 910-527-2373
Fax: 301-977-5210

Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard Eastern USA east of the Mississippi, Atlantic and Europe:
Walter Wallace
Sales & Technical Representative
Telephone: 910-376-7073
Fax: 910-347-8894

Contact Information for International Representatives:

United Kingdom, Europe, NATO:
Marlborough Communications Limited
Telephone: +44 (0) 1293 775071
Mobile +44 (0) 7810 881268
Fax: +44 (0) 1293 820781

Australia, New Zealand:
Microsecure Corporation PTY LTD
Telephone: +61 3 9483 4669

Alto Connect
Erez Shahrabany
Tel +972 54 7171675
Baruch Appel
Tel +972-52-307-2626

ABP can provide you with on site training for any of the systems which we provide.

System Training
ABP-AC/DC/BT-TR-16130014936643Transceiver Power Unit™. Uninterruptible power supply for the AN/PSC 5, AN/PSC-5D, MBMMR, AN/PRC 117F, AN/PRC-150, AN/PRC 138, AN/PRC 113, AN/URC 200, MXF 400 series and RF-5000 series transceivers.
ABP-AC/DC/BT-TR-4A6130015736412Power Conversion Unit, Dual Function. AC/DC/Rechargeable battery Uninterruptible power supply.
ABP-TPS-16130016050809Uninterruptible Transceiver Power Supply™ unit for AN/PRC-117G and RF-7800M-MP manpack transceivers and RF-7800R-RC001 remote control unit.
ABP-AC/DC-VMP-16130015883490AC/DC Uninterruptible power supply for Harris RF-5800V-MP, RF-5800R-RC501 and RF-5800R-RC001 Remote Control Units.
ABP-BT-24V/1.9AH-1614001493835724V/2AH rechargeable battery.ABP-AC/DC/BT-TR-1 ABP-AC/DC/BT-TR-4A ABP-PA/BT-1
ABP-BT-26.5V/2.4AH-1614001604916826.5V/2.4AH Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack. ABP-TPS-1
ABP-ACC-TR-15995014938358External AC Cable, 6 feet long.ABP-AC/DC/BT-TR-1 ABP-AC/DC/BT-TR-4A ABP-TPS-1 ABP-AC/DC-VMP-1 ABP-ITPC-2.
ABP-DCC-TR-15995014938359External DC Cable, 6 feet long.ABP-AC/DC/BT-TR-1 ABP-AC/DC/BT-TR-4A ABP-TPS-1 ABP-AC/DC-VMP-1 ABP-ITPC-2.
ABP-37315004159200153486715A Fuse. ABP-AC/DC/BT-TR-1 ABP-AC/DC/BT-TR-4A ABP-AC/DC-VMP-1
ABP-575 5920015348673Fuse Holder Cap.ABP-AC/DC/BT-TR-1 ABP-AC/DC/BT-TR-4A ABP-AC/DC-VMP-1
ABP-RM-15975015351366Shock/Vibration Rack Mount for ABP-AC/DC/BT-TR-1 uninterruptible power supply unit with PSC-5, MBMMR, PRC-117F, PRC-150, PRC-138, PRC-113, URC-200, MXF-400, RF-5000 transceivers.ABP-AC/DC/BT-TR-1
ABP-AC-TBE-12V/8A-16130015362089AC Transceiver Battery Eliminator, 12VDC/8A output.
ABP-12V/UP/24V/25A6130015404462Up Power DC to DC Converter™, 24VDC/25A output.
ABP-12V/UP/28V/21A6130015235993Up Power DC to DC Converter™, 28VDC/21A output.
ABP-12V/UP/28V/21A-MC-26130015321595Up Power DC to DC Converter™, 28VDC/21A output (MC special).
ABP-HEAS-15965015349088High Efficiency Amplified Speaker™.
ABP-HEAS-3 5965015690074Dual Handsets High Efficiency Amplified Speaker™.
ABP-AS-AUC-16150015348916Speaker Audio Cable, 10 feet long. ABP-HEAS-1 ABP-HEAS-3 ABP-6N-HEAS-1 ABP-TAS-1
ABP-AS-DCC-26150015348917Speaker DC Cable, 10 feet long.ABP-HEAS-1 ABP-HEAS-3 ABP-6N-HEAS-1 ABP-TAS-1
ABP-AS-AC-24V-16130015823014Desktop AC to DC power supply for Amplified SpeakerABP-HEAS-1 ABP-HEAS-3 ABP-6N-HEAS-1 ABP-TAS-1