Integrated 2 Transceivers Dual 50 Watt Amplified Communication Case ABP-ITCC-8L

Part number: ABP-ITCC-8L 

The ABP-ITCC-8L Integrated 2 Transceivers 50 Watt Amplified Communication Case (ITCC) is a complete uninterruptible power, amplified, voice and data system utilizing  AN/PRC-117G radios, ABP-10PA40(W) Multiband Amplifiers, CISCO ASA 5506-X Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA 5506-X), DIGI Port Server TS MEI 4 Port Switch (DIGI) and the GPS Networking NALDCBS1X2-N/5/MC Networked Amplified 1X2 Splitter (GPS Splitter) all mounted in a small watertight transportable case that has removable lids. A rear mounted patch panel allows for easy access to the console and 4 of the ports on the rear of the ASA-5506-X as well as the RF connections for the transceivers. This rapid deployment, portable, Enroute communication Case provides double 50 Watt power amplification and accommodates the power, voice and data requirements of 2 AN/PRC-117G Transceivers. The transceivers are securely mounted into the case using a lockdown screw which allows for Jerk-And-Run capability inside the case.

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