4 Transceivers Integrated Marine VHF Case ABP-ITCC-7V-NS

Part number: ABP-ITCC-7V-NS

The ABP-ITCC-7V-NS is an Integrated 4 Transceiver (1.6 – 30 MHz High Frequency and 30-512 MHz Line-of-Site (LOS) / Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Communication Case (ITCC) with removable lids, two 50 Watt multi-band SINCGARS/VHF-UHF LOS and SATCOM amplifiers, one 125 watts HF amplifier and an uninterruptible AC/DC power system which supports one AN-PRC-117F or PSC-5, one AN/PRC-119 SINCGARS ASIP, one Marine Band VHF transceiver (XG-100M or ROSS DSC-500), and one AN/PRC-150 transceiver operations.  This rapid deployment, portable, Enroute communication case accommodates the AC/DC power and voice requirements of all the installed transceivers and amplifiers inside the case. The tactical transceivers are securely mounted on a Jerk-And-Run mount inside the case. The system includes a second case, the HF Coupler Case, which includes the Fast Tune Coupler, low pass filter, 250-foot-long RF cable and 250-foot long control cable.

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