Integrated 3 Transceivers Amplified Communication Case ABP-ITCC-4S

The ABP ITCC-4S Integrated 3 Transceivers Amplified Communication Case (ITCC) is a complete portable On-The-Move communication case equipped with triple 50 Watt FH VHF and multi-band 30-512MHz amplification. The amplified power/voice/data system is mounted in a small watertight transportable case that has removable lids. This self-contained, Rapid Deployment system provides uninterruptible DC power and voice/data for three AN/PRC 119E/F SINCGARS ASIP transceivers that are securely mounted on a Jerk-And-Run mount inside the case.

The ITCC saves many BA 5590/U batteries and will pay for itself after only one month of operation. This system allows the user to operate the transceivers, amplification and speakers from any AC power source worldwide (85 270 VAC / 47 440 Hz including AC generator, local power grid and aircraft power) or 9 36V DC power source to include HMMWV, military & commercial vehicles, boat and aircraft. The ITCC provides an uninterruptible power to the transceivers while automatically switching between the AC and DC power sources at Zero-Wait-Switching.

The included 6-Net High Efficiency Amplified Speaker is used for local or remote operation of up to 6 transceivers up to 1,000 feet. Standard military handset/headset, H-250/U or similar type (G.F.E.) can be connected to the Amplified Speaker. A special Automatic Level Control (ALC) circuit at the audio inputs insures constant audio level at the speaker regardless to the level of the received audio from each transceiver/encryption unit. A 5 Watts of clear, crisp audio overcomes noisy environment and provides the user with consistent audio clarity.

The optional Transceiver Audio Splitter ABP-TAS-1 allows a connection of up to six speakers to one transceiver to create speaker systems (any combination of High Efficiency Amplified Speakers ABP-HEAS-1, ABP-HEAS-3 and 6-Net High Efficiency Amplified Speakers ABP-6N-HEAS-1).

Integrated 3 Transceiver Communication Case with removable lids. Uninterruptible power system and 3 50 Watts multi-band, SINCGARS Frequency Hopping amplifications for 3 AN/PRC-119 SINCGARS ASIP transceivers including 1 AC cable, 1 DC cable, 1 6N-HEAS-1, 3 AUC-1, 1 DCC-2 cables and manual.

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