High Power PFC AC to DC Converter™ ABP.AC.XX.1600W/M-PFC

Part number: ABP.AC.24/12.1600W/M-PFC – Dual Outputs: 24VDC/50A and 12VDC/33A (standard model)
Part number: ABP.AC.28.1600W/M-PFC– Single Output: 28VDC/57A (standard model)
Part number: ABP.AC.28/12.1600W/M-PFC – Dual Outputs: 28VDC/43A and 12VDC/33A
Part number: ABP.AC.24.1600W/M-PFC – Single Output: 24VDC/66A
Part number: ABP.AC.12.1600W/M-PFC – Single Output: 12VDC/133A
Part number: ABP.AC.ADJ.1200W/M-PFC – Adjustable output: 10 to 26VDC/50A

Each unit includes AC power cord kit and Contacts cover kit.

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