50 Watts 30-512 MHz Multi-Band Power Amplifier Kit for PRC-148 MBITR & JEM and PRC-152 ABP-10PA40

Part Number: ABP-10PA40 – 50 Watts Power Amplifier Kit, Multi-Band

Each Power Amplifier Kit includes DC power cables, coax cable and adapters.

Small and lightweight, the ABP-10PA40 is a 50 Watts portable RF amplifier that covers the frequency band of 30-512 MHz for AN/PRC-148 MBITR & JEM and the AN/PRC-152 Handheld Radio. With automatic frequency band switching, SINCGARS Frequency Hopping (ECCM) and DAMA compatibility it covers the VHF/UHF and SATCOM bands for Tactical Radios employing different waveforms. Extensive filtering insures low harmonics and minimizes co-site interference. Internal LNA amplifies the receive signal in SATCOM mode. The user can select between three RF output power levels. This amplifier can be powered from two BA-XX90 or BB-XX90 series batteries or 24V/28V vehicle power. Sleep mode in standby RX reduces the current drain of the amplifier. Protection is provided against reverse polarity, over temperature and antenna mismatch.

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