20 Watts 30-512 MHz, Multi-Band SINCGARS Frequency Hopping Amplifier With Automatic Frequency-Switching, LNA ABP-10PA-35-LNA

Part number: ABP-10PA-35-LNA

The Model ABP-10PA-35-LNA is a portable, lightweight, fully automatic band-switching RF booster amplifier for multi-band VHF/UHF Tactical Radio equipment employing legacy, proprietary and emerging waveforms. The ABP-10PA-35-LNA produces 20 Watts from a 1 to 2 Watts PEP radio input and covers the frequency band of 30-512 MHz. The unit has multiple input DC voltage options including operation from a single battery (XX90 battery) or 12 and 28 VDC vehicle power source.  The unit is designed for use with the latest modern networking formats like ANW2, WNW and SRW. It also includes Voltage Spike Suppression, Over Temperature Protection, RF sensing, T/R Switching, Automatic Level Control (ALC), Harmonic Filters, Co-Site filters and protection against antenna mismatch. The ABP-10PA-35-LNA also has a built-in internal LNA that can be switched on or off by the front panel switch to improve SATCOM receive performance.

The ABP-10PA-35-LNA includes the RF Amplifier and DC mating connector.

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