Enclosed Slim AC/DC, PFC, 600W Converter IS Version ABP.AC.24.600W/M-PFC-3IS

Part number: ABP.AC.24.600W/M-PFC-3IS

The Enclosed Slim AC/DC IS Version is a field proven, reliable and robust AC to DC power supply that operates from almost any AC power source world-wide (85‑264VAC, 47‑440Hz). 24VDC output with up to 25 amperes of power. Other output voltages are available. It will power ANY tactical military transceivers, RF power amplifiers or other communication equipment that requires 24 VDC nominal for operation (AN/PSC‑5, AN/LST‑5, KY‑57/KY‑99, AN/PRC‑113, AN/PRC‑117F, AN/PRC‑138, AN/PRC-150, MST‑20/HST‑4, ABP-50WSK, ABP-40WMBK, SATCOM and other types of equipment). One power supply can power various equipment types simultaneously.

Part number: ABP.AC.48.600W/M-PFC-3IS (48/12.5A output)
Part number: ABP.AC.28.600W/M-PFC-3IS (28V/21A output)
Part number: ABP.AC.24.600W/M-PFC-3IS (24V/25A output)
Part number: ABP.AC.12.600W/M-PFC-3IS (12V/25A output)

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