Transceiver Kit for AN/PRC-160 ABP-TRSC-KIT-7

The Transceiver Kit includes Transceiver Power Supply uninterruptible power supply, Shock/Vibration Rack Mount, High Efficiency Amplified Speaker and associated cables for the AN/PRC-160 manpack transceiver. This kit replaces the standard battery box, saves many BA 5590/U batteries and will pay for itself after only 10 days of operation by eliminating extensive and expensive battery replacement while conserving batteries for critical missions. The power unit latches to the transceiver in the same manner as the standard battery box. It operates the transceiver from any AC power source world wide (85 270 VAC / 47 440 Hz including aircraft power) or 9 36V DC power source. The power unit supplies an Uninterruptible power to the transceiver while charging the internal rechargeable backup battery that automatically powers the transceiver during an AC or DC power failure. A Battery Status light indicates charge, capacity, condition and fully charged battery.

The transceiver and the Transceiver Power Supply are latched together and attached to the mount with 2 quick release thumb screws that provide positive lock (no tools are necessary for mounting/dismounting). The mount accommodates Jerk-And-Run applications as well as vehicle, TOC, CP, shelter, aircraft and communication rack installations. Four heavy duty shock/vibration isolators provide protection against severe impact shock with efficient vibration isolation for off-road applications.

The High Efficiency Amplified Speaker is a combat proven, reliable and robust unit that monitors the received audio of the transceiver. The unit can be remote up to 1000’ away (with optional cables). A standard military handset/headset (H-250/U or similar type) can be connected to the Amplified Speaker. The handset/headset is fully functional with or without DC power to the Amplified Speaker. A special Automatic Level Control (ALC) circuit at the audio input insures constant audio level at the speaker regardless to the level of the received audio from the transceiver. The speaker has volume control for speaker loudness and a separate volume control for the handset/headset.

The robust Transceiver Kit is waterproof and sand/dust proof. Operating temperature range is ‑400 C to +710 C. Storage temperature range is ‑450 C to +1250 C.

Including one Transceiver Power Supply uninterruptible power supply, one Shock/Vibration Rack Mount, one High Efficiency Amplified Speaker, one 26.5V/2.4AH battery pack, AC / DC / Audio cables, manuals.

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