UHF SATCOM Antenna Mount for HMMWV Vehicles ABP-MNT-XW-1

For Fixed and Magnetic Mount UHF TACSAT Antennas.

Part number: ABP-MNT-XW-1

Mounts to the Front Right side, Troop Commander (TC) position, of Military HMMWV Vehicles.
Interoperable with both Up-Armor and Non-Armored HMMWV’s.

Provides a secure, stable mounting location for mobile Satellite Antennas which can be operated with the AN/PSC-5, AN/PSC-5D, MBMMR, AN/PRC-117F, and AN/PRC-152 radios.

Supplied with mounting bolts and hardware for both Up-Armored and Non-Armored HMMWV’s.
Fixed Antenna mounting hardware also included.

Color: Military Green
Meets rigorous military applications.
Environmental: For all weather environments.

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